Scripta Theologica
A Compendium of Religious Essays

Some four years ago the author collated a diverse collection of theological essays, book reviews and other, assorted scriptural ephemera and published it with the title Out of the Cloud. He argued for the validity of this title by explaining that many (most?) of its contributions had languished in the 'ether', the 'cloud', for up to two decades in some instances; hence they came Out of the Cloud..

The author has undertaken a new trawl and has uncovered another assortment of previously forgotten texts. Included among them are essays written for, and sometimes printed in, several publications, including: The Scottish Episcopal Church's inspires magazine, Argyll and The Isles Journal, and the two Prayer Book Society organs, The Prayer Book Today and Faith and Worship. This present assemblage includes essay contributions from two liturgical specialists in a debate about the use of the Reserved Sacrament.

The collection concludes with an ode, which demonstrates that there are other ways to cover Biblical subjects than plain prose. It is to be hoped that readers will experience many serendipitous moments.

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ISBN: 781471 737268
208 pp : 15.00
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