The Book of Common Prayer:
Some lesser known parts

The six hundred or so pages of a typical edition of the Book of Common Prayer contain about thirty distinct services or sections.

Some of these are well known to adherents of ‘The 1662 Book’; others are less so. In this book the author explores some of the less well known sections and services which, in ages past, have been fundamental to the life of the Church of England and other Anglican Churches throughout the world.

In a Church which has been overtaken by modern rites, orders and liturgies is there still a place for proclaiming God’s curses on mortal man at the start of Lent? What relevance is now placed on the important Trinitarian and Christological Creed attributed to Saint Athanasius? Why are our clergy no longer given authority to remit or retain sin at their respective ordinations?

These and other questions are posed within this work and some answers are offered.

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ISBN: 9780244315221
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