Out of the Mouth
A Selection of Lay Sermons

There are many books of sermons in the publishing market-place. A simple search on one commercial website yields nearly one hundred and fifty thousand references! Thus the reader has many to choose from. Most of these have been written by ordained clergy from within a wide diversity of Christian Churches and generally by those whose principal obligation is to preach Godís word. Many of these sermons were preached in former times, often by Divines who became the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. If parallel searches are conducted for sermons written by lay persons then the results indicate the many that have been composed for use by lay preachers (often by members of the clergy), but not necessarily those written and preached by them.

In this book the author addresses this anomaly with a selection of sermons that he preached as a Lay Leader to the congregation of the small Episcopal Church on the Isle of Mull in the years of the first decade of the twenty-first century. During much of the period covered by his responsibility for corporate Anglican worship at Saint Columbaís Church at Gruline, on the Isle of Mull, the author was a part-time, distance-learning student of the University of Aberdeen. He was awarded an Honours Degree in Theology (2:1) in 2009.

The sermons in this book follow the Churchís calendar and comprise a selection that includes most of the Christian year and conclude with a number for Saintsí Days.

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ISBN: 9781291771848
307 pp : £12.50
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