Out of the Cloud
A Theological Miscellany
Students of theology study an ever widening curriculum of subjects and disciplines, and the range continues to expand.

This book contains a potpourri of essays which were written by the author during his seven years as a part-time, distance-learning, undergraduate student of the University of Aberdeen (2002–2009) and as a part-time, distance-learning, postgraduate, doctoral student at the University of Glasgow (2009–2014).

Along the way he preached a number of sermons as a Lay Reader at the Scottish Episcopal Church of Saint Columba, at Gruline, on the Isle of Mull.

This eclectic selection includes papers on Anglicanism, the Holy Eucharist, ancient liturgical texts and their developments, a sermon on some verses from Saint Matthew’s Gospel, three book reviews and a report on a memorable visit to the Anglican Cathedral in Hong Kong.

There really is something for everyone!

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ISBN: 5 800126 990439
301 pp : £15.00
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