Gruline Diary
A Decade in the Life of a Small Island Parish

The Argyll and The Isles Journal was a free, biannual or triannual publication of the Scottish Episcopal Church Diocese of Argyll and The Isles. It ran to one hundred editions and ceased publication in 2011. Its demise was exacerbated by the introduction over many years of other, simpler and cheaper forms of mass communication, such as the internet, e-mails and social media web sites.

The author was the correspondent to the Journal for the small, remote, rural Charge (Parish) of Saint Columba, Gruline on the Isle of Mull from 2001 until the cessation of publication. He wrote articles which told of the many and varied happenings at Gruline, from the mundane to the exceptional. Interspersed with these reports he also penned a number of short philosophical essays which challenged the status quo and suggested other ways of being a congregation, of receiving the Churchís sacraments and of the very nature of priesthood.

This volume is a compilation of the authorís writings for and on behalf of his local, Christian community for the first decade of the twenty-first century.
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ISBN: 9781326404949
99 pp : £10.50
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