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A Latter-Day Tractarian: Dom Gregory Dix

The leaders of the Oxford Movement in the early nineteenth century promoted an awareness In the Church of England of the many errors that had been perpetrated in her history, not least in centuries that followed the Protestant Reformation. The Tractarians, as they came to be known, called on the leaders of the Church to return her to the creedal simplicity portrayed by the Early Fathers, through a restoration of the concept of the Apostolic Succession, a renewal of the sanctity of the Book of Common Prayer and a re-establishment of the priority of the Holy Eucharist in her worshipping life.

Dom Gregory Dix (1901-52) was an Anglican monk, priest and scholar who spent most of his adult life writing for that Church so that she might better understand the place that her pre- Nicene history had played In her formation. Perhaps best known for his two seminal works, The Apostolic Tradition of Saint Hippolytus (1937) and The Shape of the Liturgy (1945), Dix demonstrated many of the traits of the Tractarians. This work will compare and contrast Dix with the leaders of the Oxford Movement and shows that he could be accurately referred to as a latter-day Tractarian.

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ISBN: 9781291605662
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